Track Rules


  1. Must Be Roar Member
  2. Absolutely no staking or screwing down of canopies on blacktop staking permitted in gravel lot area only
  3. no Nitro Engines before 9am
  4. No running of engines in pit areas except at warm up bench or track area
  5. No driving of cars outside of track area (outside of barriers)
  6. No driving on track allowed until entry or practice fee's are paid and you are signed in for that day or event
  7. No Dumping of fuel on asphalt a fuel dump bucket will be at cool down/tech table
  8. No truing of tires other than at the designated truing station or gravel pit areas
  9. Trash cans are provided PLEASE use them lets please keep all the areas clean
  10. for those pitting in or walking across gravel please wipe feet before entering track to marshall carpet pads will be set out for you to use
  11. after your race/heat a cool down/tech table for your equipment is provided YOU must marshall or provide somebody to fill your spot
  12. No food or drink allowed on racing surface
  13. No smoking on driver stand pit lane or racing surface please no cigarette butts on ground 
  14. NO open toe shoes or sandles on racing surface



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